Sunday, March 29, 2015


Well...HELLO there...!!!

I am thrilled you made it back again!

My thought on PRODUCTS today was this...
Which product, when I am bombarded by sooooo many these days, do I deem the most valuable to me?
That is a simple one for me...HAIRSPRAY....
I don't just use any HAIRSPRAY, I use and sell KENRA VOLUME 25...
THAT IS AND HAS BEEN my topseller in the salon for 20+ years.
And for good reason, holds... 
Nothing works like it. 
I have tried many over the years, but KENRA VOL 25 is the WINNER.

Spend your hard earned $$ on products that work for you. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Salon Search

Finding a salon to meet your needs AND your budget can be challenging. Do your homework, before you get desperate!! The best advice I can offer is...WORD of MOUTH. Ask around, look at other peoples hair, check out location and availability. The best thing you can do for yourself, is TAKE care of yourself! We stylists are all unique in our training, our abilities, our schedule flexibility and our locations. Should you simply choose to be a walk-in to a salon, be forewarned that you will get a new stylist. He/she may have just graduated from college. Knowledge may be limited. Prices may be less expensive. Should you choose a high-end salon, be prepared for a longer wait for an appointment, a longer wait in reception area, and higher ticket price. But, with that said, you should gain more knowledge, more experience, more confidence that you will LOVE the way you look and feel when you leave...I beg you, do the homework!! 😁